Thanks Auth0 for Sponsoring Authlib

A thank you post to Authlib's sponsor Auth0. Other sponsors are welcome.

I'm happy to announce that Authlib got its first sponsor Thanks Auth0 for sponsoring Authlib.

Auth0 has sponsored many open source projects, including my previous Flask-OAuthlib. I'm happy to take it as a sponsor for Authlib. I do encourage you to have a try on their service, it is quite easy and in most case it is free. I find it quite useful for single page application.

Here is a total free use case. Consider that you have some single page applications that only allows your company members to access. You don't have to create a server for it, just use, and embed it in your SPA, no one piece of backend code for authentication. You can use a simple domain whitelist to allow ONLY your company members to access the SPA. Your company members won't exceed 7,000 free active users, right?

auth0 rules

Thanks again for Auth0's sponsoring Authlib. BTW, Auth0 has many open source projects too. And Authlib has a built-in integration with Auth0 via loginpass.

If you have interests in sponsoring Authlib, please contact [email protected]. I accept three sponsors in total ONLY. Your brand will be listed on: